„Trust our expertise in

Crisis Communication and AI-based Crisis Management“

In a fully connected world, communication teams need to have good crisis management experience. Knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence helps additionally. As a leading crisis communications consultancy, we offer you the best of both worlds: many years of crisis management experience and in-depth knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence. Rely on our proven expertise to prepare effectively for crises, manage them successfully and make your organisation more resilient.


  • Extensive crisis management experience: Our consultancy has been mandated in almost every major crisis of the present day – from Hypo Alpe Adria to Cum Ex, from Wirecard and Dieselgate to the Mask Affair.
  • Specialised team: Our team consists of experienced crisis communication experts and AI specialists who offer you tailor-made solutions to protect your reputation and minimise the damage to your company.
  • Crisis management successes: Thanks to our expertise and AI-powered strategies, we have been able to help many companies restore their reputation and emerge stronger from crises.


  • AI-driven crisis prevention: Using AI analyses, we help you to identify potential trouble spots at an early stage and take preventive measures.
  • Effective crisis management: We are the reliable partner at your side when it comes to limiting the damage and restoring your reputation.
  • State of the art technology: We work with AI-based immersive simulations from our partner Conducttr to prepare your teams for realistic crisis scenarios and to optimise your response strategies.

For crisis simulations, we rely on the best available AI-based technologies. For example, we use a version of the conducttr simulation platform tailored to the needs of our clients.

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